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OHC India was the first to introduce to Indian hospitality some of the best brands of International repute supplying to the best International chains of hotel worldwide.

Oscar Fernandes was the first person to  have uniquely carried out the following in launching and educating clientele on the uniqueness quality and maintenance of products.

Launched  glassware companies for Horecca business trough some of the top models of India walking the ramp coupled with a wine tasting event with the Best chain of Indian hotel pairing food and wine and demonstrating how good wine poured in a wrong type of glass can effect taste and revenue of the F&B outlet.

Demonstrated the quality and features of crockery that prevailed in the brands marketed by Mr Oscar Fernandes focussing on the quality of glaze and inglaze decorations that can last centuries saving replacement costs to investors and management team by choosing the right crockery.

Demonstrated the maintenance and use of silverware products in respect to cutlery and hollowware from reputed manufacturers of Europe.Thereby clients do away with harmful chemicals and methodology used in maintaining their existing and good products imported for the day to day use in F&B.

The first to present quotes to Horrecca business  enquiries with pictures of items quoted  aside the item enquired.

The first to have professional services extended to hoteliers by setting up marketing and after sales service branches in Six major cities of India.